Busy Times

The weather is changing and I can literally feel it. The usual low pressure system warning has clung to my head in a band formation. Meaning that I ache across both eye sockets, my teeth, and the nape of my neck.

The chill turn of the weather doesn't help, either.

Something else has come by my mailbox, but I have to go and collect it locally. Which implies that it was too big to jam into the mailbox. Which, in turn, has me baffled as to what it is.

One way to find out.

Meanwhile, I'll be writing my last thousand words in Adapting. And then putting it away until Tuesday, which is the soonest I can really have the time to look at it. I know there's a few bits and pieces I need to fix. But I will not have time to get to in until the birthday nonse is done with.

Oh yeah. I got Caloundra stuck in my head, yesterday, when my actual destination was Maroochydore. Derp.

But I now have a whole bunch of solutions to relatively cheap presentation solutions for EGDB. I have some A5 card stock, which we are going to slice in half for a really long, thin, piece of card.

I now have three colours of metallic sharpie. Gold, silver and bronze. Which we can apparently attach to the 3D printer and get it to draw the logo at the bottom of the card.

The hole punch silhouette is only the right way up if you approach from the bottom, so with some judicious folding, we have ourselves a unique presentation board that makes clip-ons look cool.

I just hope that everyone else likes it.