Business is booming!


But I did sell a pair of commission earrings to Beloved for $15. Which will be mine come next payday.

The design is so nice that it might just enter my stock. It's something to consider, certainly. Check 'em out:

[Shown here: Triple-thread earrings with pink sparkly beads and pink hearts]

Apparently, I spend more time on Miss Chaos' hair than I do making bling 9_9 But hair is more complicated, Beloved. I am not crazy for spending time and effort on either.

[mini rant] What the fuck is up with calling people who are dedicated to doing non-standard things 'crazy'? It's not insane to make an effort with something you love. You might as well institutionalise all the people who want to get married ffs. Or the people who want to be parents. Or the people who make magnificent (and approved) works of art. Yes, the act of creation has to be a little deranged, but it's not completely loopy. The first step in doing anything worthwhile is the belief that the payoff is going to be there.[/mini rant]

There. That's out of my system.

Today, after I finish my Instant, I am going to round up all the rando crap I need to take with me. Including lots of warm clothes, because Tullagawoopwoop is colder than Antarctic concrete. I might have to buy some, but I hope not.