Gearing up to go to dead tree press is a task and a half, no lie. The time I’m not spending on my novel or the Instants master file is totally absorbed by finding peeps with a Voice to give copies of Amity to.

My best results have come from browsing wherever my interests go and finding candidates with podcasts. And then I offer to flick them a copy of Amity and hope for the best.

I believe the biblical quote says “Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return tenfold”. Aka - you gotta put yourself out there if you want to hope to earn money from what you do.

So far, it feels like flicking breadcrumbs into the ocean and hoping a bakery will turn up.

All the really famous people with Big Voices are uncontactable. Possibly because peeps like me would inundate them with all kinds of shit. Listen to my demo. Read my novel. Look at my video. Nonse like that.

I kind of dread the day I have to make my contact details unavailable.

And then I slide into the One-days.

One-day, I shall have fans.
One-day, I shall have creepy fans.
One-day, I shall have enough money from my writing that I can be comfortable.
One-day, I shall have to pay the taxes for that.
One-day, someone will make my books into movies.
And we all know they’re going to totally fuck that up.
One-day… I might see my own work in the local book shop. Assuming those still exist.
One-day… I might even make Science Fiction a ‘worthy’ genre.

We all know why They sneer at SciFi, though. Because it was invented by women.

I’m feeling a little disheartened. So far to go, and I only have my hopes.

I have to keep trying.

So if you, dear reader, know of any internet-vocal nerds who love SciFi with actual science in, with believable characters and interesting plots… let me know?

I need to get myself out there.