Beloved's Day Off

We have PLNs to go get a few things, so that means that we'll probably be out all day. Because we follow the Leyland's Tour philosophy of getting a few things.

It starts with a light cover for our bedroom ceiling, and a bin for Chaos as well as Beloved. Then we'll think of a few more things while we're out. Maybe get lunch. Maybe see a movie. Maybe pick up some vinyl...

And before we know it it's after dark and we bring home a dinner.

Mayhem is old enough to be home on his own and to look after Chaos when we pop out. And they don't know how to invite the world over for rowdy parties so we're all good there.

Plus, I've made provisions to ensure that there's plenty for both during our adventures.

But of course I'll be watching the time anyway. I don't like not being home for my little darlings. This is all just in case our adventure takes us further than we anticipated.

...and it already includes a movie. Firkin called it.