Beloved is doing well

They're back from the hospital and currently overdue to get more IV antibiotics care of some mobile nurses who have yet to frikkin ring. They were supposed to ring at 7:30 this morning and have yet to say 'boo' to us.

It's gone past nine and I'm more than a little bit worried.

The good news is that the red has faded and so has the intense heat. The foot's still warm but we hope that that's a sign of healing because Keto was able to rescue Beloved's circulation from the ravages of diabetes.

But that won't work if the antibiotics don't get into them.

And for today and tomorrow, those antibiotics have to enter by IV. Which has to be administered by those roving nurses. Who haven't said 'cooee'.

So yeah, I'm upset about this. I want to ring them and hurry them up, but there is currently no contact number that I know of. It's been three and a half hours already.

But I still have to maintain focus and keep up with my work because it's what I need to do.

Today is one of the hard ones.