Replying to Gallifreya's linguistics prompt:

  • @Gallifreya said:

    if you didn’t know stuff about humans you would think they get mad at the weirdest stuff
    like one human raises their thumb to another human
    that’s good, humans like that
    one human raises their middle finger to another human
    humans do NOT LIKE THAT
    humans think that is a BAD FINGER
    don’t you DARE raise that specific finger at me
    any other finger is ok just not that one


    Anthropology will be the hard elective in alien school.


    “Is the middle finger weaponized? Does it spray a venom perhaps”
    “No, student Xeepzorp, it is frail and harmless like the others”

    I saw a continuation of this on someone's blog that I think is worthy of consideration. Should I put it as a seperate, follow-on prompt, for after the initial story is posted, or should I just post it here?

  • "Why not Both?"
    Can do, small Mexican girl!

    So the version I've seen is the same as that one, but with one additional post:

    "It’s not even consistent; it varies wildly by geographical region, ancestry and personal history of the individual, which, like, how is a poor anthropologist meant to know that sort of detail? How do humans divine this sort of thing upon meeting new members of their species? Do they have some sort of associative telepathy? No? Argh!"

    And I will post this as a prompt after the story for your prompt appears, so I know which number to use as reference.

  • Why not Both?

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