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    I like to link to folks' tumblrs when I'm doing a story. And so far, it's been people I can recognise. That era has officially ended.

    So. If you have a tumblr, post your tumblr link here. Eg:

    If you have some other social media page you'd prefer me to link to [MUST BE YOURS] then post that. Eg:

    It's a form of shout-out and back-pat promotion. You took the time to send me a prompt, I can take the time to send interested folks to your best homepage.

    Many thank for participating.

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    Yes! That counts. I'll be using that link for you in future.

    As for the prompts, I routinely erase all traces of past prompts I have used. Before I imported my Tumblr feed to here, though, I used to get prompts via my Tumblr inbox. And, on the rare occasions that I actually run OUT of prompts, there's a few writing prompt tumblrs I follow just to get some to hold me over.

    All prompted stories are labelled, "Challenge #SERIALNUMBER:" so people can keep them straight.

    All others are based entirely on shits and/or giggles.

  • Does this count as Social Media? link text

    Also, quick question, I noticed you wrote stories from prompts that aren’t in the ‘prompts’ section. May I ask where you’re getting them from?

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