Challenge #01279-C184: Ambassador Murder-bot

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    Okay, so I still don't have a new computer after my last one decided to up and die, but I do have a loaner, and my hard drives in external caddies, so I can start prompting again.

    [Person #1]: You just had to piss off the giant murderbot, didn't you?

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  • I just had to say that now I want to name a band Ambassador Killbot.

  • Glad to be back. And since I submitted that, I've managed, through various means, to scrounge enough money for a new computer. I'll be paying back the loan for at least a year, but I have a right arm again, so that's good.

    I was still accumulating prompts while I was without computer, just at a slower rate, typed on my phone. Got some good ones, too.

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