The Bard's Mournful Melody

  • A bard sat within town playing their mandolin and singing. It was Rememberance Day within the city where people remembered those that had fought in those wars, and died defending the innocent. The bard's own family had been one of the many who'd been lost, and it was of one of their brothers they sang of. Next to them, sitting in a large basket as close to the fire as was safe to keep it quite warm, a dragon's egg. The bard's future young friend.

    Lament of the Lost

    Winds ride under the wings as the great beasts take to the air.
    Their riders on their backs, defiance in their tones, they fly to destiny.
    Yet one by one as the war does rage..... and their riders fall...
    Each one, these lovely creatures let their wings to fold,
    And plummet to death's great Hall.

    Amidst the fallen was a rider, a young one who'd just begun.
    His dragon died amidst the battle, his heart, the pain had stung.
    Amongst the mourning lay a dragon who's rider had been slain as well.
    Upon that dragon's back he shouted, now it’s time that our enemy fell.
    So the two went together... to fight their hated foe.

    Each one within the heat of battle, forgot their cries of woe.
    For the battle they won that day and for their dead they prayed.
    The dragon and rider went together, to rest until another day.
    Oh where, great dragon, do you fly, up there, amidst the skies so lonely?
    Where is it have your brothers gone, as you search skies and sea?
    Oh where, great dragon, will you go, when your brethren are found?
    And a new rider alights your back, and you are destiny bound.

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