An Poem by DaniAndShali

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    Preserving this because prompts are destroyed when I'm done with the story of the day:

    The Story Teller's Rant! -- yes this is my poem, heh, :-)

    (SLs are Story Lines – the Lament of the Gamer)

    I must admit I'm in distress.
    Oh yes, oh yes, I'm a mess.
    Though this fault is not my own.
    It is, instead, what you've done.

    You beg me for SLs quite strong,
    And so I write all day long.
    So many stories quite complete
    So many that they must compete.

    Yet, still moaning, you refuse.
    Gaming time you misuse.
    Blame me, you will in distaste,
    The game, you say has gone to waste.

    So enough I say, boredom comes.
    Yet along my games I hum.
    You gripe and refuse to play along.
    So cry to another don't sing that song.

    I don't care so go away!
    Let me have fun, let me play!
    SLs you want, I will be bold.
    Write them yourself I'm done.

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