Aftermath of the Barbara Incident

  • The family went to court just as the parent said they would. Recordings of the cruel abuse the students, and instructors, of the Alliance - run school were shown as evidence. And now these people were forced to see, and hear, everything they did to her and face their crimes. Of how Barbara would stop, turn away to hide her tears, something the cameras saw, though everyone else ignored. It wasn't just the parents who intended to teach the instructors, the students, and their parents a lesson for such unkindness, the courts themselves intended to burn this into a memory so that students in other alliance schools, ones going through the same brutality that this young girl had endured, would finally have hope. And it would set a legal precedent known as the "Barabra Incident".

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  • Hey, Fighting Fit, I know that story. If you search "The Heart breaks back, Internutter" in google, it can take you right to the story. For some reason, as I'm sure others have had this issue as well, it gets flagged as SPAM when you try to put in links every so often. You should put the links of stories when they're really old so Internutter knows where the reference comes from. Anyhow just google "This is how a heart breaks back" and Internutter and it's right there.

    Challenge #02333-F143: This is How a Heart Breaks Back
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