Your pet isn't what it seems

  • They had anxiety issues, didn't sleep well, often awakened in tears. After years of war, living in peace was very hard. They left to get groceries and returned to find a shocking discovery. A massive tank was in their apartment with an odd arrangement. One side was the life support system for the tank, the other side was a large metal box, almost as tall as they were, attached via wide metal tubes. Inside the tank was a huge octopus, or what seemed to be an octopus. Still, it was a lovely arrangement, and caring for the octopus, making sure the water was clean, there was plenty of food, soft music, was not only easy, but soothing. However, during a rain storm, when thunder set off the PTSD, another surprise occurred. The octopus could talk, and, acting as a therapist, was trying to calm them down.

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