Mr. Clingy

  • Well all know those pets. The ones that, no matter what you do, they cling to you like barnacles to a ship's hull. Cats, especially, can get like that when they get attached. In a station where they tend to send bad-luckers and people they deem "undesirable", a little ray of hope and comfort comes in the case of a ship. In the hold, several strays that had been using the hold as their hideout manage to wander on board. And now these bad-luckers find themselves with at least a dozen cats to care for. Except every single one of these cats could easily be nicknamed "Mr. / Ms. Clingy". Because these cats are absolutely insatiable for attention.

  • Would the "Dead End Station", perchance, be THIS station?

  • Sorry I don't think it let me upload. It's a picture of my two cats, one laying on one side of my laptop keyboard, the other laying on the other side, both of them trying to get me to cuddle when I'm trying to get some work done before bed.

  • Hey, that sounds like MY two cats! LOL I swear I can't get any work done during the day if I let them in my office . So during the day when I'm working I have to kick them out so I can get stuff done. It breaks my heart to hear their yeowling but I have a job to do. Working at home does have drawbacks. But once work's over and I open my door, this is what they do.

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