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  • Hey there Internutter Adam In Darwin Here (AKA Speargrass Forge) thought i would respond to your blog for a change, Regarding the seasoning of the cast Iron Dutch Oven. Alot of the instructions for these things come from US websites, and they sometimes forget that that the rest of world uses metric. so here is the site that i used to do my Dutch ovens, though i am sure you can do the conversions yourself i will add them below for convenience

    300 Deg F = 148.88 Deg C (150 will do )
    450 Deg F = 232.22 Deg C ( 230 -240 will do)

    The "shortening" that I personally used was a mix of Canola oil, and Bacon Fat from that mornings breakfast,

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    Thanks. I put a spot of coconut oil on the problem area and baked the Dutch Oven at 240 Celcius for an uncounted handful of hours. Fingers crossed that actually stops the problem from persisting.

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