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  • Is there any other way than posting on PeakD to comment on your postings? Some of them are wonderful but try as I might, I can't sign in to PeakD and there seems to be no way in despite all their "login options" short of buying subscriptions that I cannot afford.

    Daniandshali - aka Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

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    @Daniandshali :D Very interesting because I've caught that name off of my Ko-Fi donors and forgot or decided not to give full creds because it's been a while since the donation (blush)

    Every time I need a handy name, I check the people who interact most with my daily tales first :D

  • I had someone help me get a PEAKD account. Apparently Hivesigner is by invite only. :-( Fortunately, I found the PEAKD Discord page and they helped me get in so I can make comments again. Btw, I find it amusing you use Brii or Bree for some of your character names. My nickname is Bri - short for Bridget. LOL

    Good to see you again, Internutter! I love all of your stories, esp. the ones where the wealthy elites get their keesters handed to them because of their behaviors.

    Btw, if you ever have prompts from past stories from your steemit, if you want the story, I'll go and look for it for you. I've been doing that for others when I see prompts that quite obviously link to some of your stories from the past.

    From - Bridget.

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    @Daniandshali If you already had a Steem account, it's free to transfer over... That might not be for you.

    I do post elsewhere. I have accounts on Tumblr, Facebook, Pillowfort, and Twitter that you may prefer to comment on instead of Peakd.

    So. In no particular order:

    [I can open up my story link posts here on my hubsite to comments, but like hell am I going through my archives and doing so because that's an enormous pain in the butt]

    As far as I'm aware, all of these are free and I welcome Anons if you don't want to sign up.

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