True Insanity.

  • A human got tiered of the crew saying that humans are insane, so they decide to show their crew what true human insanity looks like by taking them on a field trip to the nearby insane asylum. (Bonus points if Said asylum happens to be Arkam Asylum.)

  • Internutter, a suggestion? What if the person gave, with the proper offensensitivity warnings first, a history lesson of mental health care, and what defined "insanity" to humans before better science and understanding became normal? And an explanation of the stigma still attached to that word that persists, unfortunately, possibly even into that era at least amongst some groups of humans?

  • administrators

    The days of Bedlam are thankfully behind us, but I should hope we've learned better by 500+ years from now. Especially in the matter of how to help those with mental disabilities.

    I need to have a real think about this prompt.

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