Others' problems with her wealth.

  • She was an avid inventor, had been ever since she was a small child. She had been born on a world controlled by DeReggers but her family had moved away from that place and into Galactic Alliance space finally settling on a haven world that allowed for havenworlders and deathworlders to live together. When she was 9, she'd found a way to improve upon the translators that allowed for better communication with other species. When she was 13, she'd graduated from school with honors and entered university at 14. And now, here she was, at 21 and having graduated universities with honors. She, with help from others for the project had begun when she was 17, had built a massive space station with all the reinforcements and luxuries a human could design into the thing for all species they could think of. And, thanks to the landing fees, and immense commerce this huge hub had, she had managed to not only grow quite wealthy, bring bring the rest of her family out from DeRegger space and set them up with good homes of their own here on the station.

    The problem is, the Leaders of the DeReggers were NOT happy with this. Someone born from their worlds, even though her family had moved away with her when she was only a little girl, living in Alliance space and getting wealthy without THEM getting a cut?? And then now pulling away hundreds of people that had once been under their thumb to give them the lives that the DeRegger leaders had insisted were NOT possible for people like that? They were going to make sure their voices were heard!

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