My body is a weapon

  • Some humans fight with blades, those who live on worlds that allow it, use firearms. Or for those aboard stations and ships, crossbows. Me? I refuse to use any of that. My body is my weapon. Sure I carry a utility knife, don't most of us? But it's never been used to draw blood. With a single blow I can knock a man down, with a well-placed kick I can knock over a being the size of a tree. My hand, small as it is, can strike a seemingly random spot, and in moments my enemy seizes up and then dies.

    My body is my weapon, trained by an art that was many centuries old. It was taught for defense, it was taught for meditation, it was taught, to all things, peaceful monks in temples. Martial arts, kung-fu, tae-kwon-do, judo, tai-chi, ninjitsu, jujitsu, hapkido, aikido, capoeira, sambo, dim mak, kendo, and so many others. I've learned them all.

    My body, a deadly weapon of war, meant to protect the peaceful. None shall harm those under my care. I won't let you die, not on my watch.

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