Expect Me.

  • Logging for Records (date here) Video log shows a helmeted figure with an already darkened faceplate.

    Shadow, Hunter, Last Scream, I've had a lot of nicknames over the course of my career. Most of them pretty accurate, I will admit. I am a stone cold killer and I have never failed to take down my target. But I'm not like the Pax Huamnis guys, not by a long shot. My mind is as clear as a bell. I don't take pleasure in this job, I do it because it's necessary.

    My current target is a space station ran by a DeRegger group. Proof had been shown they are having havenworlders kidnapped to use them like animals for experimentation. This rotten core has to go. You want to destroy an entire place, you send in the sledge hammers, the Pax Humanis. You want a precise strike, you send in people like me. Clear-minded, swift, merciless, deadly. Now it is time to cut out the rot, and leave the fruit intact. In I go.....

    Log ends, to be updated during mission with mission brief after completion.

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