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  • Heya!
    I was just surfing the web for a good read and found your book "The Amity Indecent" free to read on two sites called Smashwords and Inkitt. I'm not sure if you know about them, 'cause piracy is wrong and I did pay for that lovey book years ago. (Pretty sure I did, it was yonks ago! And I still read it even today, so it's worth it.)
    I typed 'The Amity Indecent PDF' on google and found a lot of them, but I'm not sure which you allowed and which you didn't.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about it!

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    @Daniandshali That would be The Amity Incident and you can find it on Smashwords:

    There are Smashwords associates, but you might have to use the search function over there. Most people can't be bothered.

    [I also have another one out called Kung Fu Zombies and it's not as well-received]

  • What book are you talking about and where can I find it? I love your short stories.

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    I don't remember publishing it on Inkitt, but I've since deleted it from there. And it shouldn't be free on Smash, since I do have it listed there for $2.99 US.

    Thanks for the heads-up but I do publish my stuff on Smashwords, who have affiliations with some other sites.

    [Maybe it's free for you because you already bought it? IDK]

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