• Hi, I have a question... I love your "Human are space Orcs — A 170-post collection" and I think that this posts must be translated to any other language.
    So here is my question: Can I translate your posts into Polish. Polish Human are space orcs/Earth is space Australia fandom is really poor and I think that your works are really great!
    Only if you want and you agree. The translation will be on Wattpad or Ao3. Of course you gonna be credit as author :grinning:
    You can contact me here or on my wattpad account:
    Bye, Germanizacja ;)
    (I don't know where to ask so I choose Comments & Feedback, sorry if it's not the best place to put questions ;/)

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    @germanizacja Yes. Most definitely.

  • Ok, so I can translate your prompts, but I (of course) must give link to original artwork and credit you as author?

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    This is exactly where you can ask questions like this. Thank you!

    I wasn't aware I had 170 posts on the topic "Humans are Space Orcs" - I just play as I go. What you might find interesting is the topic chain "Amalgam Universe" or "Amalgam Station" [I use both] which uses both the meme "Humans are Space Orcs" and the concept of "Humans are insane".

    When credit is given, do link back to the version on Steemit, as votes there gain me a little bit of money and it's the easiest way for my readers to fund my lifestyle. Yes, I know it's a complicated search, but I'm working on making it easier for everyone. Just as soon as I learn Java.

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