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  • Hi! I used to be a member wayyyyy back probably over a decade ago and I noticed this place was gone for years, and now it's back. Do you mind if I ask what happened? And what happened to all the amazing fics that were here?

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    Welp. Short story: It all got nuked.

    There was a DDOS attack and the server died, fled to Majorca, got dragged back by mercenaries, held hostage and finally brought back to life when I tracked down all seven Dragon Balls.

    The truth is, we've owned the URL five-ever and a Tumblr Shenanigans Thing (tm) brought it back from the dead before I discovered that Steemit was a thing. So now it's more or less a blogspot-slash-hub with a forum attached.

    The menu on the main page leads to literally every pie I have my fingers in, and it's a LOT of juggling, I can tell you.

    I have some of my ficcage up on AO3 now. Some has been irrevocably toasted and I'm going through all of my folders and figuring out what I can shove where [no rude suggestions!] but progress is slow because focussing on Novel and Instants.

    Feel free to put up your own fics here if you like. The Fanficcery forum can be adjusted. Just as soon as I remember how to do so.

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