Challenge #01658-D197: Fallen From Grace

  • After reading this one, I have to say you like the orangutan shaped bag of rotting sweet potatoes that somehow took our highest office considerably more than I do. But that only makes sense. You don't have to live in the country that he plays with directly. Tragically, we seem to leave footprints all over the globe, so you won't be THAT much safer than we will when he inevitably causes the end of all things.

    Okay. I try not to be bitter. Maybe it's not so inevitable as I think. Perhaps it's not much worse than giving a monkey a submachine gun, or choosing a toddler to do your heart surgery. But when I tried to point out to his supporters during the election that maybe a complete moron with the temperament of an elementary school bully and a complete lack of empathy, (and the complete lack of awareness that lacking empathy is a bad thing) was less than a wise choice to hold the launch codes, they would immediately spew venomous hatred about his opponent, describing her as a much greater threat to the nation because...well...something. I'm sure they'll have an actual reason any time now.

    Okay. Maybe I'm a little bit bitter. I can't even point to the comparative sanity of my neighbors, because they insist on sending the second dumbest man in Congress back to office yet again. At least he's still smarter than Gohmert.

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    @Bard2dbone - I only like that massive douche as a favourite victim, tell the truth. If he ever showed his painted face anywhere within my range, I'd delight in punching it in. And then kicking his arse and seeing if I could tell the difference.

    Keep in mind that this story was written early on in his alleged reign when it looked like he would only allegedly hold office for a handful of months before the people became incensed and rode him out on a rail. Tar and feathers mandatory.

    But now? Now the entirety of the US is in the middle of a Frog Soup Presidency. The insanity of today is nothing compared to the insanity of yesterday, but it's a fuckton worse than the insanity of -say- February. But the US insists on sitting in that pot as the water slowly gets hotter until... Frog Soup.

    I've no illusions. The Muppet is going to wreck the world. He's in the middle of wrecking every trace that Obama ever did anything at all. And once he's done screwing America over, he'll start on the sycophant countries that do whatever America says. Like my sunny Australia.

    I can try to fight that shit, but all I have is words.

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