Can you please...?

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    I understand that some people are new to this and don't know how it all works. It goes a little something like this:

    1. You write a post
    2. I read the post
    3. I use the post as fuel for a flash fiction.

    Not much to fret about, right?


    I really prefer it when the prompt is in the content of the prompt thread, and not the title.

    So can you all please make sure the prompt is not the title? It makes all things way easier for me.

    Likewise, it's preferable to have one post per prompt. Do not reply to a post with another prompt, please.

    Also... you don't need to tell me to have fun with a prompt. I always have fun. Telling me is just superfluous.

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    The thing about copyrighted material also applies to games. DO NOT give me vast chunks of someone else's IP because it is ILLEGAL for me to use it.

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    Since I'm fairly certain someone is trolling me to see what I will put up with... any prompt I deem to be a troll prompt is going to be... altered.

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    Microfiction Prompts are the prompts that tell a whole story on their own. They have the least flexibility for me as my options are:

    (a) re-tell your story [what did you need me for?]
    (b) go straight for the aftermath of your story, which is probably not what you wanted.

    Not very satisfying for your friendly internet InterNutter.

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    I do not endorse drug use and any prompt seeming to do so will be purged from my queue

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    It is extremely nice to add links to the previous story if you are prompting from one I've already written. It takes time for me to track down what you're talking about.

    Thank you in advance for making my streams smoother and easier.

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    Please don't use unadulterated, copyrighted material as a prompt. Lyrics, vast chunks of someone else's book, or famous lines from famous TV shows or movies are things that could get me into trouble for using them.

    The stories I post on Peakd get votes, the votes become tokens that I can (eventually) turn into money. If I'm making a profit out of someone else's IP, the lawyers could sue me out of the water.

    I prefer to remain cautious about this. Thanks.

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    I know I said "ASCII characters" but...

    This one >
    And this one <

    ...can really bugger up the formatting because HTML exists. Thanks for your caution when using them around words.

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    Emojis and wingdings could cause problems in an eventual published anthology as Smashwords has an ever-increasing list of things they do not like. This is dependent entirely on the hill I have to climb getting 2020's Year of Instants through that particular mill.

    If you want to codify a prompt for amusement purposes, please:

    • Stick to ASCII characters
    • Provide a translation if you want the translation used [If you don't want the translation used, that's fine too. Just keep in mind that I am one not-too-very-smart person and my time is a limited resource. I may not be able to translate and therefore will write something about incomprehensible writing]

    Thanks for understanding.

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    It's been a while, and thanks to some... skeevier prompts and the wording therein, I have to update with...

    Can You Please Refrain From:

    • posts with homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic content. I believe in IDIC whilst it causes no harm. Please indulge in that philosophy
    • likewise prompts about insanity that paint the mentally disabled as the ones who are the hazards in society [Pax Humanis is technically exempt, but they are still permitted to exist with rights and responsibilities... just under careful supervision]. Speaking as a member of the mentally disabled, I find it offensive that you'd think I'd fly off the handle and threaten your life.
    • anything that endorses or implies endorsement of pedophillia. Whatever reason you have to think it's 'natural' is not on my Nice List. Turn yourself in, thanks. Even IDIC has its limits and those limits include the harm pedophilia causes its child victims.
    • there is a recognised difference between people who choose not to change and those who are incapable of change. I prefer to help the latter and go -metaphorically- for the throats of the former. Keep that in mind.

    This list may extend as I find new limits of skeev or squick. Please check regularly.

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