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  • RE: The Bard's Mournful Melody

    I'm pretty sure I've said, "Please no enormous prompts" in my pinned post -_-

    I feel uncomfortable when the prompt takes up more real estate than the three paragraphs I use as teaser material.

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  • RE: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Sorry but I don't get it...

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  • RE: Can you please...?

    It is extremely nice to add links to the previous story if you are prompting from one I've already written. It takes time for me to track down what you're talking about.

    Thank you in advance for making my streams smoother and easier.

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  • Discord! [I'm howling at the moon...]

    It's been a hot while, but yes. I am finally opening up a Discord server to all fans of my peculiar nonsense.

    Come join us.

    [And if anyone knows how to create a permalink to the thing, please tell me?]

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  • An Poem by DaniAndShali

    Preserving this because prompts are destroyed when I'm done with the story of the day:

    The Story Teller's Rant! -- yes this is my poem, heh, :-)

    (SLs are Story Lines – the Lament of the Gamer)

    I must admit I'm in distress.
    Oh yes, oh yes, I'm a mess.
    Though this fault is not my own.
    It is, instead, what you've done.

    You beg me for SLs quite strong,
    And so I write all day long.
    So many stories quite complete
    So many that they must compete.

    Yet, still moaning, you refuse.
    Gaming time you misuse.
    Blame me, you will in distaste,
    The game, you say has gone to waste.

    So enough I say, boredom comes.
    Yet along my games I hum.
    You gripe and refuse to play along.
    So cry to another don't sing that song.

    I don't care so go away!
    Let me have fun, let me play!
    SLs you want, I will be bold.
    Write them yourself I'm done.

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  • RE: Can you please...?

    Please don't use unadulterated, copyrighted material as a prompt. Lyrics, vast chunks of someone else's book, or famous lines from famous TV shows or movies are things that could get me into trouble for using them.

    The stories I post on Peakd get votes, the votes become tokens that I can (eventually) turn into money. If I'm making a profit out of someone else's IP, the lawyers could sue me out of the water.

    I prefer to remain cautious about this. Thanks.

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  • RE: Can you please...?

    I know I said "ASCII characters" but...

    This one >
    And this one <

    ...can really bugger up the formatting because HTML exists. Thanks for your caution when using them around words.

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  • RE: Can you please...?

    Emojis and wingdings could cause problems in an eventual published anthology as Smashwords has an ever-increasing list of things they do not like. This is dependent entirely on the hill I have to climb getting 2020's Year of Instants through that particular mill.

    If you want to codify a prompt for amusement purposes, please:

    • Stick to ASCII characters
    • Provide a translation if you want the translation used [If you don't want the translation used, that's fine too. Just keep in mind that I am one not-too-very-smart person and my time is a limited resource. I may not be able to translate and therefore will write something about incomprehensible writing]

    Thanks for understanding.

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  • RE: To this one

    Bless you <3 I shall watch when I find a spare moment.

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  • RE: Response to I learn a lot, I do little

    Thanks. I put a spot of coconut oil on the problem area and baked the Dutch Oven at 240 Celcius for an uncounted handful of hours. Fingers crossed that actually stops the problem from persisting.

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