Awake, yet still tired.

Gotta love sleep issues. And by "love", I mean "strangle slowly to death and then cut their throat after poisoning them, before cutting them into tiny pieces and setting them on fire."

I was on a long-ass road trip. I am still bloody tired after getting a good night's sleep. After the third time of waking up without any good reason, I checked the time and... 5:30 AM.

I didn't need Rabbit wishing everyone an annoying Good Morning to wake up. I just need my brain chemistry to say "fuck this shit" three times and bingo. Wakefulness whether I want it or not.

And I'm turning into an old fart. Which means that no matter how comfy the bed, my back will hurt from lying down too long. Life is supremely unfair in that department.

But the good news is that I firkin love my knitted tube thing. It fucks with my peripheral vision, so I can't drive with it on, but my car is warm enough that I don't need it there. The thick, fluffy thread it's made out of has been proof, so far, against the biting Tullagawoopwoop winds. And it can also double as a muff.

Historical note for all of you making 'hur hur hur' noises right now. A Muff is an insulated fabric tube, usually covered with fur or ornate stitch-work, ladies of yore used to use them to keep their hands warm in harsh winters, and may have doubled as a purse. And it's probably how ladies' genitalia got the nickname, not the other way around.

My friend and I are going to engage in the sacred art of Exchanging Cool Stuff with each other. Possibly for a majority of the day. But not until after they wake up.