Author Appreciation Week


After seeing how successful Love Your Artist week was, and all the love that went around there, I thought it might be nice to keep some of that going, and do something cool, specifically for fic authors.

Fan fiction authors give so much to fandoms, whether they post fics once a day or once every couple of months. It takes a lot of effort and guts to not only write pieces, but to share them with the internet, however, they do often go under appreciated.

Fic writers typically don’t ask for commissions like other artists do and put the same amount of effort into their work for completely free, their writing gets far less notes than a piece of fan art would, and they don’t get the same exposure or even personal feedback. Of course, artists of all types are extremely talented and fantastic, but there is definitely an imbalance. 

For the week of Monday July 13th - Sunday July 19th, we should try to take part in a week that will give authors a chance to hear from their readers and fans!

And here’s a few ways to do that:

  • Each day, pick a fic writer or two, and send them a message. Let them know what you love about their writing, what your favorite piece is etc. Something nice and personal that will let them know their stories have power.
  • Reblog fics instead of liking them. More people will see them, more people will read them, and the author can get a wider range of feedback on their writing.
  • Create Fic Recommendation posts, where you share your favorite fics and WHY you love them!

Let’s let the writers of fandoms know that their work is so, so appreciated and help them to improve their craft! A simple message could be a writer’s reason to keep working, and to remember why they love sharing their stories in the first place!

Spread the word and positivity!