Our dryer is officially dead on a day when we need it the most, what with the sky deciding that today is a lovely day to frell up my plans to actually slot in some firkin laundry before the day really gets hot.

For the record, it's already 25C (78F) at half-past six in the morning, and humid with it. Bleh. And it only promises to get hotter and muggier throughout the remains of the day.

This is the sort of weather where hanging stuff on the line is corporal punishment.

BUT... also, today, I'm taking Miss Chaos up to her shrink to make sure her head-space is doing okay. In-between doing all my other creative activities. On the plus side, my three WIPs are easily transportable.

Yes, folks, I have transferred Clockwork Souls over to Novl'r and will continue to write in it whenever I'm done with Beauties and the Beastly or a very indulgent SPG lorefic AU I've been meddling with since the last time I had a bad head cold.

I get tasty ideas. I'm lucky I'm keeping it to three.

And in an effort to save time, this morning, I wrote today's Instant last night. If that sentence makes perfect sense, you might want to see your own shrink, because it barely made sense to me.

Kidding. You're okay. I'm okay.

We're functioning just fine, as my favourite robot band is wont to say.

I also should put dinner in the slow cooker. All the better to have something to eat by the time we all get home.

Busy busy busy...