are your wigs too heavy? awkwardly shaped? won’t stop slipping up or down? bobby pins won’t hold them in? WELL HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION


handy dandy wig clips!

thee holes above the spikes are to sew them in with, and you just pop them open and stick them into your head, and bam they do magic

they sell them at lots of wig stoes, hair care stores (like sally’s) and also online (amazon has them in three different colors for about $4 for 20, which will get you 3-7 wigs, depending how many you need to use on each wig)

get some polyester thread the same color as your wig, some scissors, a regular sewing needle, the clips, and your wig and get ready (tutorial pictures from

put about three in at the front hairline of your wig, one center, and two more about and inch or two away from it. place about ¼ inch between the hairline and where the top of the clip is. that way you aren’t able to see the clip or the hair it is attached to when you sew it in


NOW MAKE SURE THE CLIPS TEETH ARE FACING INWARD! they must be on top and facing the inside of the wig for this to work

now sew these things in. do one hole at a time, and be sure to move the wig hair out of the way on the other side so you don’t get it all tangled up. loop it through the hole about 4 times, then tie the thread off. when cutting them off, make sure you don’t cut the wig hair. sew all the holes to the cap and BAM. it’s ready to put on

put on your wig cap and wig as normal, just this time pull the wig forward slightly so that you can hook the clips to the hair under the cap (make sure they get the hair, not just the cap).

BOOM. EASY FIX. it isn’t perfect, but it is a lot easier than bobby pins and can be done in the back of wigs as well to get them from coming up. (for a more indepth tutorial, the one i referenced, go here)