Asthma Games I Play (and other business)

I want it to be understood that a shortness of breath is something of a default state for me. Asthma creeps up on me by slow increments that are nearly invisible. I should be checking my nails for blueness, but if I do so regularly, I don't notice how much blue has crept up on me.

So I play really odd games like:

  • Is it a cough or a tickle?
  • How shallow is my breathing?
  • Do I really need my medicine or can I tough it out? [Silly Nutter. The answer is: take your firkin medicine]
  • Can I go one more hour?

And of course, the popular favourite: I need to breathe to do that.

So far, I have been a very twitchy Nutter indeed. Even the morning and evening doses on the Nebuliser aren't cutting it. I need to get back on the machine when my lungs start feeling 'stiff'. And take absolute loads of bronchitis mix to try and shift whatever the hell it is in my tubes that's causing all this trouble.

As for my progress, I have been doing things wrong. Beloved concocted a much simpler device that is poetry in its minimalism:

[Shown here: Side elevation of the completed rig]

I have since learned that Aradyte won't stick the gear to the flywheel. We need superglue.

[Shown here: blur of the gear rig wired to the inside of the clock case]

I clipped a paperclip in half to make the lengths of wire I needed to stabilise this to the clock case. The entire rig fell apart a dozen times because of my shakes. I might get to it with the superglue when I have it. Just to be sure.

I still have to make the handle, which may require some really fascinating jiggery-pokery and the right kind of solder. Or a welding rig.

I currently have a solution for the crank, too. You're not going to believe it when you see it. But it is elegant and allows me to remove my handle for tight spots. You'll see it tomorrow!