Asleep, Awake

Once again, my internal alarm clock got me conscious before dawn. Ashwagandha or no, I still have my internal alarm set to "fuck you" for reasons I probably never will be able to fathom.

It's a cycle, I know that. Be tired all day, go to bed early as possible, wake up early because I rested early. Stopping it in its tracks seems to involve having a nap-nap in the day, but... there is no time for that sort of thing.

I have shit to arrange.

So I rely on coffee and just plug through until all my shit is done and then crash early again.

Sleeping all day on the weekends doesn't do a lot for me. You know, apart from eating all my leisure time with snoozing.

One day, I will find a proper solution. One that actually firkin works. Until then, I just carry on as best I can.