Around and round I go...

The family and I got the frame... mostly up. There's still a lot of jiggery-pokery involved, including the assembly of the front door to the little place.

It's only now that I realise that the kitty enclosure is going to be firkin huge and Kitty is truly, truly going to be spoiled. It's a room that's only a smidge smaller than the dorm room my love used to live in when they were in uni. For a human, that's criminally small. For a little fluffy kitty cat, that's loads of three-dimensional real estate.

Spoiled, spoiled kitty cat.

It's going to be raining for a week, and Beloved is the chief in charge of jiggery pokery because I hate heights and this thing is firkin TALL. I will be providing moral and physical support to the dang thing whenever we get the chance to work on it. Which, I gotta admit, is going to be a problem because we need daylight, and that's not something condusive to Beloved working on work and working on this thing.


I commenced work on episode seven of Inter-Mission - which means I've recorded five more stories. Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulty with transferring the recorded files to the compy on which I edit these things. Ugh.

At this rate, I am seriously pondering some file depository system.

Today, it's house unfuckening. Tomorrow, I'm getting another tooth filled :P

I have no idea what I'm doing by Wednesday. Sigh. Fingers crossed, we will somehow find a way to get this kitty kondo constructed and ready to roll on with concrete by the end of the week.

I am looking forward to D&D night again, though. The bright point in my week so far.