Argledy blargledy.... Wwaaaaaahhhhh...

We have ONE MONTH to get everything together for WWC5 and I'm already panicking. Beloved has agreed to help me with the heart and I have the sinking suspicion that we will be making the dress because NOBODY sells gothic lolita togs anywhere near me. At least none that I can go to and try on.

There's one place that will make a dress for me, but it involves ordering and I have no idea if it's going to take less than the month I've got to get it.

I want to cry.

But I'm planning on exhausting all the possibilities nearby, first. There are places that might sell some things that could do in a pinch. And this is definitely pinch time.

When I have the luxury of waiting for a bespoke thing, I will do that, but that is not a luxury I have right now.

But first - I have to do my work before going on a Leyland's tour around absofuckinglutely everywhere that could plausibly help me.