Another trainee day

Mayhem is going to be making his own game. Or at least pitching one. I can't reveal the details because people will flog any idea off the internet that sounds cool. And I want Mayhem to have some success on this.

I have a long-arse drive, there and back, twice, to deal with. And that's going to take at least one can of caffeine.

And on the second leg, I am definitely bringing my lappy so I can work on things whilst I wait.

It's a good thing that Mayhem's invested in this. It means he wants to do it, and that means he's going to put himself into it wholesale.

The hard part is going to happen when he hits the hump.

We'll deal with that when we get there.

Today, I have to deal with the disruption to the regular schedule and not mess myself up in the process.

Knowing me, I'll get used to this noise just in time for it to be over.