Another Early Morning

A nifty combo of full bladder, overheating, and Beloved's snoring had me awake at half past one this AM. Not the best start in the world, but at least I got five more stories recorded for Inter-Mission and I got some episodes edited for Oh My Mods that just sneaked in under the wire. Yay.

I probably won't have time for more, as it is fast approaching the hour in which my little darlings shall be awake and needing their internet fix.

Now all I need to do is figure out what's gone wrong with the FTP settings so I can get on with editing episode six so I can have it ready and in line in time for the release of episode two.

So much to do, so much to see done...

The corner posts and side posts for the Kitty Kondo should be finished today and tomorrow. Which means that we shall be working on the floor sometime RSN. Which means taking out the old garden bed and digging holes.

The concrete is going to need a week of sunshine to cure, or at the minimum, not-rain.

So yes, I am watching my weather apps.

Today, my worldbuilding goal is to come up with some environment for my heroine, which means growing some friends and associates and even some social enemies. A village or town where she will be called to action or get another lead or something to start the story off.

Just because I manage a majority of my life alone doesn't mean that I can do that to a character in a story. Characters need other characters to react off in order to lead a fulfilling tale...

Meanwhile, my lappy is still in the shop because liquid damage via the mousepad and I'm wondering how in the blazes that managed to happen. Since I can't remember anything specific, I'll just have to keep any and all liquids the fuck away from my lappy in future. Of course they're shipping the parts in from Tanegashima because that's how things roll in the modern era. Of course it's costing me extra.


Since I'm officially doing all my shit on web browsers and cloud drives from now on, my next lappy might as well be a CheapShitu Windoze lappy because editing on the cloud means never having to worry about the BSOD. Unless one is offline, of course.

I'm not giving up on this lappy yet. I'm still going to treat it right. May it last and outlast literally everything.

Story soon. I have to see whether Beloved is awake enough to deal with some file transfer issues. I have five stories recorded, but the process of making an episode also involves transferring those recordings from the compy with the mic' to the compy with the sound editing software.

My life is such fun.