Another broken week

Today is a public holiday. This means that it's a gamble as to whether anywhere at all is open for business.

The goal for my novel this week is 114K, which means at the end of the week, there will be two left until I reach the end. I am definitely taking a week to myself before I start the serious work of an actual planned trilogy.


Each book has to be a complete story, but not quite complete. They also have to be part of a contiguous whole. Scary beans. I haven't written a trilogy since Hevun's Child and that... never did well.

The ability to sneer at KIABIL and say "haha, you were wrong" isn't worth shit if I also can't sell anything. Ever. People got the free one, all right. The people who bought the sequels can be counted on Baby's First Abacus.

Either I'm bad at writing [doubtful, I have loads of people telling me I write some damn evocative stuff] or people are cheap. I'm willing to bet on the latter. It is entirely plausible, though, that I just didn't write something compelling enough to get people to want to buy the next ones.

I dunno. That was years ago. Plus, I am the least savvy of any given group of marketing geniuses.

...I need a manager. Or at the very least, someone to do the spruiking for me.

Any volunteers? You can get a cut of everything I earn from your influence.