Almost Done!

I've been doing 1K a day so I have all the more time for other projects and worldbuilding for my next WIP.

Speaking of WIP's, I have made a beginning on editing Ep4 of Inter-Mission. Which means I'm one episode closer to actually publishing these mofos. If I put them out on non-game-night Fridays, I have an occasion I should easily remember.

Should is not is. In this case, 'should is not will'. It's not a guarantee, it's more of a hope. As in... I hope I remember to do this regularly.

Powers know that I do not have the wherewithal to pump out an episode every week. I barely have the wherewithal to get out of bed when I wake up at 3AM or earlier. Nevertheless, I went to that effort and I have the minimum number of stories on file for Ep4 to happen.

When next I wake up early, I shall edit the rest of the ep. I have tomorrow and Friday free... well. Free-er than I would have if I was writing 500 words per diem, so I shall, perhaps, get Ep5 wrapped as well.

Then I shall figure out where I can dispense my 'wisdom' and go do that. Preferably for free. Then I hope and wish for sponsors whilst maintaining something resembling a record-and-wrap schedule that orbits my sleepless hours. Whee.

For now... I take a breather and get ready for the brat run.