Air Con Day!

Also cleaning day, but the prospect of unfucking the house again is not nearly as interesting as having an office I can actually work in and survive.

Chaos seems to have recovered from her lurgi, but Mayhem is taking longer to get there. He's got the rest of the week off. Chaos is back to school today with crossed fingers for her staying there without any ill effect.

The best news for the day is - the Democrats won the US House. Which means that they can halt the Muppet's bullshit and actually use that mountain of evidence to get that lying, sexually-assaulting, sack of shit thrown ignominiously out of the White House. Maybe.

There's actually more representation happening. Firsts all over the place. First Muslim, first openly gay people, first native... More women coming into the picture, inspiring even more to put their hat into the ring. It's like watching heroes coming in to save the day during the darkest hour.

That, and it's an immense relief.

States across the US are turning towards sanity. Upholding rights that never should have been contested, introducing laws that should prevent further murders by cop... all that good stuff that the Repugnicans are usually steadfastly against.

The world is revolting against revolting conservatism and I could not be happier about it.

Later today, I'm taking a doctor's note up to Mayhem's school, and coming back with mascarpone because I think I deserve a little treat. If I want to lose weight, I've learned that I can only have my "ice cream" if I have lean steak. Same with smoothies and coconut milkshakes. Today, I want "ice cream". Tomorrow, I see if I've actually lost weight this week and have therefore earned a treat.

It's looking good. I'm down by 0.8 kilos this week. Still ages away from my goal, but slow and steady wins.

Speaking of slow and steady, I have to get on with my nonsense.