Ah, Monday.

One more day of relative peace and quiet and I didn't get anything that I was gassing about doing... done.

Oh well.

We have plentiful amounts of foodstuffs, thanks to a trip down to Golden Circle and Dicksons' [and more money was spent on Unsuitable Food than what you might call the genuine article]. I do have a bargain tray of Chook Thighs, so that and some simmer sauce is doubtless going to come to a pleasant arrangement in the not-too-distant future.

I'm going to have to encourage our little darlings to eat up their easter chocolate, because it is taking up almost criminal amounts of space in the fridge. And walk everyone through the fact that the bottom drawer in our fridge is actually a miniature freezer and not just a spare crisper drawer.

Fun times ahead, there.

I'm six weeks away from completing the first draft of Adapting, a novel in which sufficiently advanced magic clashes against sufficiently advanced technology. And I STILL haven't got that third opinion back from any of my beta readers on Kung Fu Zombies.

I want to at least try to look like I'm doing professional work, here.


Maybe when I'm doing this professionally, teams of betas will get back to me in a matter of days. I'll have focus groups. Wow.

But first, I have to have something to show people.

And not this Tuesday, but next Tuesday, I can begin negotiations towards starting my little bling shop. Whatever I can grab for cheap, with a dollar limit. Most value for least expenditure, that sort of thing.

Then I make the bling and price by ingredients plus time and do all the shop stuff... Ugh. How do the people on Etsy manage?

Time for some research, maybe. I swear I get through life by studying up on it first.