Actual venturing out

Mayhem has work today. Chaos needs a better set of headphones with a decent dang mic to them. If this goes for the trifecta, we might be heading northwards to a place that sells bulk organic flour so I actually have a chance of regularly making some firkin bread.

So what am I doing? Scrolling through Tumblr!

I've had my coffee. I've had my meds. I've had a decent amount of sleep in that I'm not functioning tired. What I don't have is peace of mind because the administration everywhere is focussing intently on boosting the economy back to "growth" and damn the human consequence.

The states want to re-open so that people are no longer on unemployment, and I'm sure that Australia is the same. There's still no advances in regards to vaccine/treatment/cure and the infection potential for this plague is HORRIFYING.

The Muppet has been most recently quoted as saying between 100 and 200 THOUSAND deaths will be "doing a good job" and I'm here like - yikes, dude. That's your own voters you're killing and then praising yourself for.

Seriously, we would have knocked this in the head with one solid month of quarantine and rationed supplies for everyone stuck at home, preferably delivered by robot. But nobody's that bright, are they? Deny, delay, distract, and repeat whilst urgently patching all the problems caused by those three. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Then blame the other guy.

That's just a recipe for making sure this plague hangs around for a very, very long time.

Also, TIL that the Covid Tracker is just window dressing. There's no actual way for the government/medical people to add or use the data it has. Yay. They designed it so secure that even they can't use it. What a fucking boon.

Honestly, it's a shocker that I got a decent amount of rest. At this rate, it's a shocker that I can even pretend to be normal.