Achievement Unlocked

The plastics cupboard has had all its non-essential and extra-cluttering items removed! Hooray. Now, if we should ever need more than three large or medium Systema sealing articles, we can toddle up to the shed and fetch them. I mean, we have HUGE amounts of plastic containers.

Now, we need no more.

Still on the agenda is the pots cupboard and the gizmos cupboard. The least-use doohickeys will head shed-wards, but the other stuff for pots and pans might be an issue of debate. I anticipate getting something like it done in the weekend.

And after the weekend? Mah birthday! Yes, dear readers, I am turning Forty-four. Blurghledy. I anticipate no visitors and very little in the way of gifts. And I have to haul Chaos up the coast to see some of her own professional help, that day.

And I also have to get my Hallows Read story up on Smashwords. Fun times. I've done sweet fuck all on the cover.

But I refuse to organise my own birthday party, and I'm leaving it all up to Beloved. We'll see what happens.

Mt Laundry has been separated into clothing and non-clothing. Linnens will have to be on our unfuckening agenda. Just not today.

On the health news - my lungs sound fine. My chest X-rays look fine. The famous harness could not pick up anything drastically untoward. There should be nothing wrong with my biological breathing apparatus. But, as I often say, should is not is.

My nails are still blue-ish. And I need to put myself on Max for another dose. One of my many bad habits is to wait until I'm gasping or cyanotic before I give myself a more intense dose. I get it. I'm a dummins.

One of my other bad habits is not drinking enough water. Which MIGHT be the cause of my low blood pressure. I get some exsanguinations done tomorrow, before I have any good foods. Just to see if there's anything amiss with my blood.

But low blood pressure still shouldn't have anything to do with the pressing sensation in my neck. Right? It would have a great deal to do with why I'm constantly tired all the firkin time. You know, besides low oxygen levels.

I should go stick myself on Max before I get any further into procrastination.