A call home from college...

((Inspired by this rather strange image: http://i.imgur.com/wq1qvY4.jpg ))

“…um… and one more thing.  Daddy, I’m dating… a black man.”

“Well, that’s no problem. I’m no racist; I’m not gonna be upset if my baby girl thinks her old man should have a future son-in-law with brown skin.”

“Daddy, we’re not even thinking about marriage yet!  But anyway… no, Daddy, I didn’t mean a colored person. I said black. He’s literally black. My boyfriend absorbs light. I’m dating a living void from beyond the edge of space.”

“… well… that kinda distance’s gonna make travel for holiday visits tricky.”


[AN: I think I might know what happened with that pic. Once upon a
dime, before digital imagery, I took a photo with my best friend at the
time, pre-prom. The people at the photo processing place “corrected” my
deathly pallor into a healthy tan and my friend, who was already a
healthy tan, into really dark. Even if this pic is digital in origin….
The image is further proof that engineers really need a wider scope when photographing brown people.]

He arrived in a perpetual shadow
and a subtle chorus from an eldritch origin. His otherwise normal street clothes delineating his form.

“Thank you for inviting me
into your home,” he said in a voice that sounded like honey at midnight
where the jar had been wrapped in black velvet.

“Yeah, I hear it’s quite a haul from where you live.”

“I am an exchange student. And I am seeking to immigrate. You have an interesting civilisation.”

“Thank you, we do work at it.”

“You are at a crux point. I wish to observe the conflict at a much closer range.”

“Oh… kay…” Steve cleared his throat. “And -ah- your intentions with my Donna?”

“I was not aware that you owned her.”

“Uh….” he cleared his throat again. “Well… Um…” the awkwardness of this Thanksgiving was only going to get worse.

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