6 Terrifying Versions Of Cute Animals

6 Terrifying Versions Of Cute Animals



amongthegentlymad, look at #1! :3

"Full disclosure: The bird you're looking at is not an owl. It's a potoo, found throughout Central and South America. But it is nocturnal, it's carnivorous, it flies silently, and it relies on its eyesight to hunt. You know, like an owl. Where it starts to differentiate itself from an owl, however, is with a preposterously ginormous mouth that can open wide enough to shame a hippopotamus, and its penchant for hiding in plain sight by doing a dead-on impersonation of a dead log. Also, holy shit, look at those eyes. It's like Harry Potter's pet, if rather than a wizard Harry Potter were an evil clown."

SCUSE U CRACKD ARCLE I am majest birb *insulted*

knitnan I told you I was right about capybaras