5:04 AM

I did manage a half-hour nap.

Since then, I have been living vicariously through other peeps’ SPG concert footage.

I love that band so much, it hurts.

Everything I love is out of my reach.

Yeah. Beloved still isn’t home. Life sucks. And now my back hurts. I know it’s because I’ve been lying still too long… But moving lets the cold in.

I’m hungry but I don’t want to get up. It is cold beyond the doona.

I want back rubs and foot massages and food delivered to me and Beloved back to snuggle and all my worries to go away…


And while I’m wishing, why not wish for a billion dollars? That would make a lot of painful reality go away. And leave plenty for me to have some fun.

…grumble mumble whinge whine…