5 things you JUST DON'T DO to people with glasses


1) “wow you look so much better with your glasses off!” just. please don’t.
2) take their glasses off their face and refuse to give them back. it isn’t quirky or funny, it’s really, really annoying.
3) “oh you got new glasses? i don’t like them.” you obviously have no idea a: how much those cost (hint: a lot, unless they were free w/ insurance) or b: how long whoever you’re dissing probably spent picking those out.
4) “how many fingers am i holding up???!?” i will break in to wherever you are and flip you off.
5) poke the lenses of their glasses. does this REALLY need an explanation?

Shoutout to all the shitheels who did EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST when I got my first glasses in Primary School. including my alleged best friend.

It was not funny then.

It is not funny now.

And especially the corollary to 1. where some school heartthrob convinces a glasses-wearer to take off their specs and just fucking screams in mock horror.

You are all shits. Every last one of you.

And yes I remember it in vivid detail.